Flaw Laws


Flaw Laws

By Samuel Michael Bienemy


Your flaws aren't what make you

Your heart is what breaks you

Your mind is wha makes you

Your body is what frames you

God is who created you


Walking around with a sense of insecurity

And a fear for eyes watching

You feel anxious to know opinions

Only so you can question your beginning

Your thoughts are never certain

Constantly finding thoughts that are never working


But you forget, your existence is a gift

Your love is only pure

I look at you and see God

To cancer, he has the cure

And when he created you it was only right

There were no doubts, he was sure


Your flaws are full of insight

Your heart, so full of hate

Blinded by idiotic thoughts of what the world say you ain't

Well I demand a recount

Take a look at yourself

Because when I look at you

All I see is myself



This poem is about: 
Our world


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