I can walk into a room and silence it

They say silence is golden

but the presence I can make can be admiring

I am not cocky, but my confidence soars


Not only am I confident but I am an independent person

I do not need someone clinging on to me

I may have friends and a boyfriend but they do not bring me down

I let myself shine without them


My inner beauty comes out with a smile

My inner beauty is my honesty, and the respect I gained for myself

I have learned to carry myself with a high standard from everyone

People do not understand me because I do not depend on others


I depend on myself

For I am Flawless

I show it everyday with great pride

None the less I am a caretaker and a giver


Maybe my unselfishness attracts the great people in my life

I can show the world of what I’m made of

They way I do it is just my own way.

I am Flawless, I am impeccable.


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