Society's expectations like an avalanche

Cascading down



I bear it until I fear I will suffocate

        And then I run.

Past the people, past the building, past my world's burdens.

I hike up the hill until I am high above the city

And I am the one looking down on them.

Sweaty with perspiration

Drenched in inspiration

My mind at last set free.

And I dream what I could be

A dancer with grace and charm,

A milkmaid on a distant farm.

A politician who makes her claim,

Or a refugee worker to help the lame.

The possibilities?


Up here I have the strength, the determination.

I will do it all,

I'm not told what I can not

But rather that anything's possible when you believe.

I stand strong,

      No limitations, no fears

For once, I feel free.

I stand with the wind whipping around me

                 Strong and Independent.

No makeup, no photoshop



And yet...




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