United States

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Approximately 540 rooms, 658 windows, and 850 doorways. All to house the 435 lumps of dried glue and 100 paper weights we call the US Congress.  
Hands made of bronze steel braided at the knuckles with soot and rust  heels coated with a poultice of clay  night drenched skin 
12 percent of me is in the moment, 15 is withdrawn, Because 30 is wasted on stress,  And 43 wants to right all the wrongs.   Our world seems to be fading, Split apart at the seams
Created for a family bond After mass incarceration broke the family bond Needing a sense of love and protection   For many Gangs took on those wanting affections People arrested on non-violent crimes
Hold your sign Tout your voice Hide your gun Love your choice The only way for change to come Is standing there and doing none while singing fantasies of peace  illuding that this all can cease
Living on campus is too dangerous these days As I have a fear of guns that will blaze As school shootings are not a phase   So I commute A thirty-five minute drive
There is a wall plan, And it is being applied. Then money isn't there.
Trump made me feel great The MAGA US President Goodbye, status quo
The United States is a free country. People come to it for a better life. Each immigrant comes with a family. A husband settles in it with his wife.   Unlike illegals, he does not break laws.
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
A bunny and a turtle have a nice little quarrel over who is the quickest one; So they agree to a race but the bunny has got pace and the turtle just has his money.   It is now fin'lly starting
We the people the steeple of our country, that we hold so dear, do salute and sing to this tune even though we do not hear the pleas of  the land and its ancestors, the corruption we bring has been allowed to fester.
What a glorious place is this, that the freedoms of speech and religion prevail. What a devasted place is this, that th stifling of free press exists. What a magnificent place is this,
The United States is one of the greatest to exist For its freedom of our citizens will forever persist. Some say that freedom is a made-up ideal
50 stars  The beauty of the white on blue Surrounded by a sea of Red  The stars show freedom A light at the end of the tunnel  Hope Yet they do not capture the essence
A state divided To make America Great We need each other 
Hands cover our  Ears and We refuse To believe- To see- To be- What we once Were-  It fades. And we continue on - as if it is not  even There- 
Through the Soil A Tree grows   Through the Land A River grows   Through the Wind An Eagle grows   Through the People A Nation grows   A Nation
A once proud nation towering above its opposition In both the battles of science and national pride Finds half of itself screaming for a return to the past
o say, can you see the walls rising to isolate us? by the light of missiles and violence. the problems will turn to ash, ash, ash. poisoning ash, killing our earth. what so proudly we hailed as a great change for America.
Black Birds   Black birds, black birds fly in the sky. Oh black birds, black birds why aren’t your words being heard.  
Sometimes people forget We are on the same side, We fight each other Instead of the enemy.   A country full of hypocrites,
A nation of liberty, justice, and freedom for all; Freedom from religious persecution, Freedom from tyrannous leaders, Freedom of the press, Freedom to speak our minds,
U.S.A, the land of the Founding Fathers or is it the land of the American Originals? This is the country of extreme responders every decade a new movement the country where I am Free.
Land of the Free? Yet we don't accept refugees. Home of the Brave? Yet all who fought died. Freedom Or American Dream? Two Different choices.
Land of the Free? Yet we don't accept refugees. Home of the Brave? Yet all who fought died. Freedom Or American Dream? Two Different choices. Freedom is defined as, the right to stand, to fight, to be whoever, You want to be.
I'm scared to go into that store with my best friend. I don't like when they follow me around the store Pretending to look at something then casually glancing at me I know I have a purse.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Amerikkka- That’s spelled with three K’s.   I pledge allegiance to the flag that hides lynchings and crusades behind “God hates fags”
We the people, We the great, We the wonderful, We the states,   Remember when you were young?
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
Red white and blue Land of the free Land of the brave Land of prejudice and violence   We love our country We discriminate against our people
What A Land we walk through We gun through, we cut through We charge through the land we have.  What A Land we cultivate We uproot and reroute from the Nations to the united states
We are the country who Pledges our allegiance to A flag of Purity Valor Perseverance And justice
Eyes.Accusatory eyes.Staring blankly at meOver their mother's back.Hands.
I. a map blooms above our heads with ships ablaze and compass wide uncharted land still beckoning  killer whales dive under tide  
Truth is not what is seen by eye but rather what is shown to be. Many have died so others could speak both good or bad, silent or loud. The world has never known such land as these United States have been.
A simple spelling mistake they may say, a simple truth is what I claim No longer together I fear this is our forever Unless we stand together hand in hand Untied we will live United we will fall
Land of the free and home of the brave, A place with endless opportunities that outsiders crave, A nation where the flag of red, white, and blue, constantly wave, This is America.  
January 20th, 2017, a man who fought the oppressed captured the nation A man who said the gays should be prayed away to appease creation A man who is bribed to poison the air of our nation
I am an American. Living in a country built upon the dreams and aspirations of previous generations, But it appears our country has gone through some alteration
Pledge your life to endless pride We only want total control Pray for our nation under our God As we commit genocide - Submit to the conditional freedom Or become our hated scapegoat
To our country's fathers I write,for my father and many others: My country or is it?Land of the free? Bullshit.This is no country to me.This is no land of the free.The 'free' here feel contained.
I place my hand on my heart and my arm on my back and I begin to sing then I begin to reflect on all the people who gave their lives so I could live So I could come to this event where all these people
Red, White, and Blue. Such beautiful colors that wave high above, Lately though all I see is Black, White, and Brown. Funny how three colors can unite us, funny how they divide us.
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
America is a beautiful hypocrite. It offers greatness, but only for the ones that are worthy. The mothers who break their backs and fend for their children, only to find their hands come up empty;
I Hi there! Please go away now! You don’t belong here!  You don’t look like us, You don't sound like us, and You don’t do things like us!
This is the truth: Other countries look at us and don't understand Why we haven't yet learned to love. We are not treated equally. We do not understand our own people. We are raised to hate,
What does it mean to be free? To be on your own To be left alone To not be under any control Are people really free in America? Of course We're the land of the free Everyone is welcome
What does it mean to be free? To be on your own To be left alone To not be under any control Are people really free in America? Of course We're the land of the free Everyone is welcome
Land of the free and the home of the brave? More like land of the thieves and home of the slaves! Taxation steals money all over the nation. We're working for the government on this corporate plantation.
United we stood, divided we've fallen.
What do you think when you see that girl walking across the street?With her head held down, eyes forward, feet flat on the ground, the hijab covering her head full of disparaging thoughts?
When you’re born they ask how dark?Does my life matter?When you’re a toddler and people call you pickaninnyDoes my life matter?
Over where the family sits and enjoys the company they share;Sweet melodies are sung by flowers of the past:the horrors that happened there.Unknowingly they carry on-not one asks what occurred.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America     This phrase bothers me
I am a US citizen I love my country
His forearm is cooled by the sweat of his elbows. The fire is started in his hand, in a ski mask and shell toes.
Land of the free Home of the brave As long as you're white And not transgender and certainly not a queer lady.
  We are a disjointed body, crippled by their oppressive strength; they strive by walking over us.   Our rights don't matter until the november polls;
  Waiting for the 41 home I light a cigarette and think of mother, lovely little Audrey, and my Gloria. I picture them gathered watching TV. Together they must be
My future is decided. My skin color defines it. My skin color is it. This is what I am told, An "invisible" label I have to bear. A pathway guides me to what I have to be.
"Americans are weak," they say. And why shouldn't they? Bad things occur. And people just say sure. No big deal. We've learned not to feel. They don't look around. For fear of being drowned.
Barack Obama is all about protecting our freedom In 2008, people thought Mccain was going to beat him They said he can’t be president because he’s black But he proved them all wrong and changed history
Last night, in my slumber, I had a dream It was an American one, one of exceptional encouragement And oh the intricacy of this grand scheme So grand, the world knew it was nowhere near forspent
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