We the People

We the people the steeple of our country, that we hold so dear,

do salute and sing to this tune even though we do not hear

the pleas of  the land and its ancestors,

the corruption we bring has been allowed to fester.

Here we stand and yet still are sinking into the consequences of our thinking,

that all is us and us is all

these are are faults and where we gall about our greatest achievements  others

fall short and are allowed to suffer and sill through it all we are able to muster the energy to fight for 

money while the rich laugh cause its funny. Greed and bigotry, at its best is not what America is.

While most humans may not be America's greatest virure we provide healthcare for those to nurture

and in doing so increased life

expectancy , which is excellent in the eyes of

humans see, America is so much more than what we choose to lable it as, its

comprised of trees rivers and unimaginable lands.

Where we are and where we chose to be shows indeed that America is Great

Lets just hope that it remains that way.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Hope you keep writing your heart and heart! Please keep sharing! 

Also there is an urgent matter to end modern day slavery today is national anti traficking day. Let us end world slavery, go sign the petition to make congress act. Look up International Justice Mission. 

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