special needs

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I see a green tree  I think of her I see a green Starbucks straw I think of her I see a green road sign I think of her   
Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow I am not slow You are too fast Why must I change It is you that has too high of expectations This will help none of us
Dear Big Brother,   “Stop singing! Grow up!” I yelled as I ran down the stairs. “You’re twenty-two, and you’re still singing kiddy songs.” I don’t think you even heard my hurtful words
What once was pure is now shattered While founded on the means of acceptance You have changed since Commited the opposite of acceptance   We are divided
Imma take you all back to the Civil Rights Team When Martin Luther King came n the scene  Emotional About some dream  And you see he wanted us to believe That love was the key 
The alarm chirps. Two more minutes. Three, four. I'm late. Blurry eyes, cold toes. I'm running. I trip in the hall, Fail a math test, Boys are dumb. I watch the floor. Allie.
You say I have a disability? I have been told by people like you that I’m different, That I’m unable to succeed,
A frosty road less traveled by A Dickinson invitation to the internal sky
The chips weren't in his favor, Few thought he'd succeed. A society that sweeps people like him under the mat. He may not know exactly why, He just knows he has to work harder. He loves the way he is,
Little brother,once you asked me,why often you could not quell the urgeto leap, quiver, shake,crash upon the earth and rise again,body shaking to the beatof an unheard, forgotten hymn.
There is so much to say in the world, Ways to express yourself or someone else or something else, But I can't. I can think it, it's all in my head I just can't speak it, Say the words. I can't.
You are my inspiration
It looks like he has his own world. I like to think he dances with the things he must see. He bounces constantly, he’s like a small bird Stuck on the ground. He draws through the air and tells us stories.
She is innocent and sweet A joy to everyone we meet Wish I could see the world though her eyes   When we sing and when play She brightens up my darkest days I try to see the world through her eyes
Puzzle pieces fit in many different ways Some go this way, some go that way This world is one big puzzle, beautiful, and incomplete; Your edges are frayed And your corners are bent
The boy with colored eyes The boy with pale skin The boy with a cute smile The boy who makes me grin The boy who's really tall The boy who loves to run The boy who never stops going
The smiles he gives Are the greatest things to see In his heart I know theres a place for me. Tallness takes over With big feet at the bottom He's a white tan Like cool fall leaves in Autumn.
“I can’t, I have work after school” “Oh, where do you work?” “Remember I told you? I help that little boy with Autism” “Oh yeah. Man, that’s going to look so good on college applications”  
16 Years side by side separated by a wall. You're my brother, my parents greatest illusion. Since you were born we saw your first steps, we heard your first cry. You had such joy and we saw you with such admire.
Bellowing. I could hear it all the way from where I sat, halfway down the hall.
There is a special one out there and he's not like the rest; He enjoys running around non-stop as fast as he can He will even run into walls not because he doesn't understand, but just so he can feel the sensation
Dana never could remember what was proper to say His only concern ever was to make someone's day. So when Dana saw a girl, as lonely as could be, He walked up to that girl, and that girl was me.
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