Tomorrow Isn't Fast Enough

What once was pure is now shattered

While founded on the means of acceptance

You have changed since

Commited the opposite of acceptance


We are divided


Cruelty has grown in our hearts

We are cruel to the most innocent of people

And we must learn how to be worthy of the title America the beautiful


We ignore those we cannot relate to

Casting them aside

Disregarding their existence

We ignore them


We ridicule them

Their extra chromosome or disability is seen as a joke to use

When the words “stupid” and “lame” don't get the point across

Their skin color is categorized

And the groups cannot be ignored for the judgement that comes with each one

Their physical restrictions keep them below the concern of our eyes

And we decide to have limited accommodations for them, as it is not our problem

Their gender determines their success in life

And ignorance of this divide makes it is seem insignificant and unworthy of discussion

We ridicule them


Today we mock them

We mock people for things they cannot control

Tomorrow we must lift them


Tomorrow we must befriend them

And experience the joys of differences and variety

Tomorrow we must talk to them

And realize the word choice we use concerning their community is wrong

Tomorrow we must teach acceptance

And realize we are not so different after all

Tomorrow we must lift them


Tomorrow we must thank them

For they were still kind when we were not


Tomorrow we will learn from them

And become united once again


Tomorrow will be better

And we will be wiser



Worthy of their kindness

And worthy of being America

The beautiful

This poem is about: 
My country


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