The Special One

There is a special one out there and he's not like the rest;

He enjoys running around non-stop as fast as he can

He will even run into walls

not because he doesn't understand,

but just so he can feel the sensation

He is the special one


Everyone avoids him because of how he looks or how he acts or plays

but they don't understand that he still has feelings

that hurt him deeper than the eye can see

He has the same heart and mind as everyone else,

but they are still not quite the same because

He is the special one


He doesn't get to go to the same classes as everyone else;

His teacher treats him like a baby when he knows how to handle himself;

But he can't even tell the teacher that because he is non-verbal

He is trapped in a body where what he wants to do cannot happen

There are people who support him but they don't understand

He is the special one.


I had the pleasure to meet him

And he taught me more than I will ever need to know

He showed me his way of life and a look into his mind

When looking at him all I could see is light

Shining all around him as if to have a halo

As he walked away into t his mother's arms

I knew that he was truly

The special one.



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