Differentiation towards Unification


A frosty road less traveled by

A Dickinson invitation to the internal sky

A completion by nature and faith, as suggested by that Marvell guy

All of these inspirations I try

As I express myself and learn to fly


Poetry has never been my mastery 

But here I suppose I'll attempt

To avoid any catastrophe

That would be laced with reader's contempt


I consider myself to be different 

As most budding minds in this world do

An original, free-spirited experiment

A reflective morning's drop of dew

My love of differences inherent

For I was born to parallel few


I see those on the streets 

Wo have embraced their individualistic ways

I nod to them and our eyes meet

For they are also confused by similarity's craze


We look within ourselves 

And find that none of us are the same

We are endless chapters of countless book stacked upon innumerable shelves

How could we ever be lame?


Within myself, I find an open mind

A spirit that couldn't be tamed

A voice that wishes to express anything kind

A desire to bring good into the world, flamed


Externally, I know I do not look similar

For my appearance is simply my vessel

I stand amongst each moral pillar

Of myself that I use as the world's trestle


I live by breathing mindfulness

Into each second of my day

Each of my practices protect my fortress

Through balance I am given a way


My source of self-respect is not based on an achievement I have done

But rather a mindset of gratitude for the diversity in all that makes us one


I am grandly aware that we were born to connect

To not see ourselves as lonely individuals, for then we would all be wrecked


Our goal no matter who we are- whether race, illness, or gender-

Is to better ourselves for the outside world, so that we may all reach splendor



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