Reshape and Come to Life

Imma take you all back to the Civil Rights Team

When Martin Luther King came n the scene 

Emotional About some dream 

And you see he wanted us to believe

That love was the key 

But then darkness fell in a sheen 

The power movement ended with a bullet cream

Oh scream, the issue then was all about

Empowering Rights for the Devout

But speed up now and we making a shout

At depressed adolescent over there in a pout

We hashtagging and labelling each other hoping to count

Count up the money 

Ain't it funny 

How divorce rates high in the sky

But is love the boy left with a single mom

And the cries of how wrong

Wrong, Some Rap Stars go to far

Far in a car filled with sex and excess

Maybe they'r playing chess

Putting their lives in the limelight for VIP elect

Some boy trying to define the masculine sect

Daddy gone, so the gangland pulls him into the crib 

The Hood of you do this you win Blood or Crip

Crippled down to the wire of our chains of desire

Talking about this girl on fire

But I see girls glued to instagram accounts 

Trying to fit in with the cats meow

Raising girls to be objects instead of leaderds Wow

But this game is leading us down a corale

This is for those who throw away their hearts

Hoping one day to make it in the fly charts

Changing themselves into these cloned pic darts

Shattering who they really are in the dark

Sketching eyebrows that are Nike check marks

Trying to refine who they really are

We all are broken hearts 

Falling and Crumbling apart

Don't get me to start

Well swoosh the plance just got stopped

We got 504, IEP depressed in the calamity

Yall know special needs turned into uptight anxious suicide 

But nobody heard them when they cried 

And then you ask why

Well go on and sigh but people that get labelled  and discriminated hold up a sign

That's and outcast lie that they are just too shy

THat is hard to buy 

How we wanna be like the cool kids

Like they on the flight 

Sike but others on a kite contritely 

But maybe the anomaly 

Makes this autopsy of popularity a losing aim 

Because they choose not to play the same game 

But I am the draft in the NBA

Like Kobe shootin layups with Lebron James

Maybe this is a flashback for Me, Myself and I

Because we can all run until we die 

And try to act like everying is just fine

But it is bzzing around and one day the fly will die

And the cry will rise within our piety

Freedom defined is going against conformity 

But girl I want to fit in to a sororiety 

Maybe a young thug wrestlin with insecurity

 But this culture is full of diversity 

All the vendettas will come together 

Instead of bullets going by in the sky 

We will all say hello instead of goodbye 

Leading behind our stir fry 

And the song of our past tongue tie 

Will reshape and come to life

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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unify and end the oppression of hate, well said 

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