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Verse 1) ive got snake eyes, I can barely wait for tonight I'm paranoid praying hat I dont see a satan. i'm impatiently waiting still debatin for this new world nation....
Since I can remember, probably the age 8 old folks taught me to sit and pray. They gathered around, coming at me from left and right preaching words out loud like, understand you need to
There once was a kid who could never keep still A toy a tool the boy's a fool He was hungry, just a twig and he  Never lived well, never kept his bills, Life's Sad, yah, bad, rad, a thousand little words Ain't describing all the hurt that was Insi
Scuff, slap- rubber soles of the damned. Dance is, to the young man, a means of freedom and expression. Seven years of heavy footfalls, krump was the language and rhythm was the canvas.
Throughout my life I've felt alone, Depressed, never was impressed with life, 'Till what I have is gone, My feelings were always messed, Then I started write, and realized maybe I've been wrong,
Ay yo azmatha fuckin matik brought to you to wreck havoc, allthrough out your planet, Cuntsavage, a pretty lavish, classic young man,
As an immigrant, my voice was stifled. Spanish? Unacceptable English? Complicated   I precariously discovered Hip-Hop culture, Eminem, Biggie and Pac, you can only imagine the shock.
imagine this addiction, words are prescription/ I feed off your words, variable's missing expression/
Honestly,can't think of a way outta poverty Palms sweating the fuck'll happen to my life, if I don't win the lottery Everybodies on my back,sometimes I wish they'd get off of me
Stare at this paper writing yeah life is complete Bullshit that is,music is my only retreat Demons haunting me I could never hope to defeat
Can't believe my life lately man,where do i begin? It's been a crazy few months, dont know when it'll end It's all been negativity no positive spin Fighting a uphill battle assumin i'd never win,well
Years spent stuck in my old habits they're so hard to let go of Dents in these walls, loco enough to blow, but i got no motive So explosive they say i need a therapist, to attack my head like a terrorist
16, following my dream ima young Ryan Reynolds wallowing in low self-esteem wanting to scream,go nuts kill everyone at the scene no desert eagles  just a pencil,mutant genes like deadpool
  I wish I was a prospect A prophecy to fulfill I wish I was a MC With dope rap skills that kill I wish I was that nice guy
Gave over, scored a hat-trick but I coulda scored four Could have all the money in the world & I'd still feel poor It's like I'm constantly at war But I never signed up for the army, I coulda swore
Walk into school on the first day everypbody like ok Yeah i had J's on my feet, they like, "oh dang, yeah okay." Yeah I accept the compliments Pills in my face tried to offer shit
Girl let me tell you that i've been on the road though Singing songs of how I miss you A boat load
You spew forth the archetype, for what We should be "We" being the youth from low-income families You alone hold the virtues of our character Little known fact that you're no more than just an actor
“There is genuine Hip Hop; a message that connects, rocks a crowd, and motivates a people and then there is what is left... instead of Hip Hop we have Hip replacement.” Said by Johnnie Dent Jr.
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