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16, following my dream ima young Ryan Reynolds

wallowing in low self-esteem wanting to scream,go nuts kill everyone at the scene

no desert eagles  just a pencil,mutant genes like deadpool

running through my veins pure potential

keep the rhythm alive, arriving right on schedule, no need for a cab

born to slay instrumentals,got conceived in a lab 

been through this so many times,like amanda bynes rehab

fuck this town i wanna leave but my house aint prefab

luck is down, stabbing pain in my stomach when depression attacks

government fucks around with economy,the recession relapse

All they say is theres nothing we can do sit back pay tax watch and relax

kiss my ass, shine up my shoes n roll me my grass,im not lettin my chance pass

makin this life work is my only task,becoming world class

growing up low class i was always harrased,  now my skin tougher than fiberglass

rough up any bully n the crowd start amassing on the playground

played with the fag enough lets just go for the takedown 

what if this life is a dream n i wake up with a crown?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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