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My home is the field With fear of being shown the red The crowd fills in, watching Whether real or inside my head
The pilot says We're landing in thirty minutes thirty minutes to prepare for a new land a new language  new people. Should I be excited or scared? I left my friends, family,
I like to put plastic bags over my head. I like to pull them down over my eyes, so I can’t see anything but the light that permeates them.
It was not my mother Who dried my tears It was not my father Who taught me to fight   Music Taught me to listen, to feel Books Taught me to analyze, to understand  
What is this? I've seen it before. Does it mean turn around? Or try more? I have been beating it with a sledge hammer. My sledge hammer broke. Is this a Jericho? Is this a no?
Dear Adventurer,    As you reach the Forests, The greatest challenges await Tests of your true self And desire to adhere to the path.   The trees' darkness emanates with pressure
Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain. While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.
Love is an inquisitive feeling when they say anything Or? Perhaps it is a momentary sensation that we feel in passing Or? And stick around for, for the moment it comes back.  Or?
Love isn't always easy, Challenges may come your way. But as long as you hold hand in hand, You will live to see another day.   Everything is up to you, You have your pen to write.
Thankful, a short word denying a bond's regression a soldier fighting the war between conformity and expression  When I wake I can Taste the salt in my tears
When I close my eyes I Envision the deep waters of the ocean Spreading it's arms across the sea Holding hands with distant waters From another country Never to break apart Brotherhood's one magistic bond
My art’s wack, but no discrimination; Destroy the use of alliteration- I’d take the use of rhythm & rhyme over drawing and shading anytime;
As a child I was the odd one out Wanting to be smart and learn non-stop and people criticized and looked at me with such disgust and saw me as a threat.
Life is a road with bumps and bruises, You hope that one day that it hopefully cruises, Stuck in the middle bewteen two big trucks, I never knew you could feel so stuck, Wishing that one day you change lanes,
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
Years are drifting by, Life is passing through, Pain and sorrow surrounding you, We surpass the challenges, Only for new ones to form, We raise our hands, In hopes that everything will be okay,
All i need in life are challenges. Some say obstacles are things they can do without, Things they despise or hate.
Every right is also wrong, every road is hard and long. Nothing ever has an end, it simply twists and snares and bends.  
I am a paradox.
Dream Big and Dream Small Dont let the Failures Fall Step High and Step Low Choose the Right Path to go Succeed Now and Succeed Later Succeed when you Make Friends with Haters Live Now and Live Then
i am a girl who went thru alot of stuff that live without a dad for 6 years now why would that be obviously  because my dad was abusive indeed  he wasn' t that great at being a good husband or dad
Growing up an obese child Feeling alienated by peers mind was running wild           heart breaking through the years being told I had a pretty face Getting affection was really rough
Work hard and when that is not enough work harder, Work until your flaws fade to black, Work until people stand up and take notice,
Back in the day i wouldnt even know this is you Every move, every word is brand new Your love for me you aint even gotta prove cause you see it in me, i see it in you
I seek a job to change my entire retched life a job that could seek my vivid dreams a job not only for me but, for my community I seek a job, but not only a job I seek a career.
Shuffling woes and dragging my feet the static cling of innumerable issues being unavoidably faced...all at once is my fate   The fault was mine  
There are moments where we might wonder about our after-life, As we may see some of our experiences of life fly by.   Everything is so detailed to have a simple end. Just look at the night sky and how it extends.
You Wont remember me, I am just a check on your clipboard, a failure to ignore, a name to forget. The money is the reason you stay. Its fine by me, I mean its only my future at stake. Thats just it- iam a mistake. My troubles dont keep YOU awake.
Girls represent roses. They need time, patience, and love to grow.   Girls should stay away from weeds That hide their beauty.
Life is a flower So sweet, aground Yet breakable and beautiful As there is to be found   Life is a bird With wings that soar Through the clouds Up, up, evermore  
When you feel like giving up,  And you just want to die. Remember all the people you love, And who would want you to try. When everything is going wrong, And life seems like a sad song.
To be crude, To be rude, Is something she never learned. To be sweet, To never cheat, Was stamped into her mind and burned.   A perfect little porcelain doll waiting in an abyss,
After the winds have settled amidst the stress and tension, there you find your true peace.   The storm will pound down, pulling at all you have. But, through the sheets of rain
It is hard knowing we’re this far apart, doing nothing, but missing each other.   The space between seems simply elongated, making it hard to think properly.   Want you here, holding me in your arms;
What’s hard enough to chip a diamond? I don’t know, but I’m pretty cracked. Yet I have learned to refract trials and tribulations into ROY-G-BIV’s of hope and celebration.
The odds aren't stacked in my favor. The task ahead will require a lot of labor. I'm fighting an uphill battle. I'm up a creek without a paddle. "It's not possible." they all claim.
Happy moments I tend to despise because life isn't so easy and these are the tears I cry. They say nothing lasts forever so why should my happiness, it'll just die.
I see the ginormous fence in front of me. It seems too big to overcome Why can’t it just be a bit small, A bit easier?
People want to make you feel down. They want to cause an embarrassment for yourself. Lookin' like trash. Make a pose. A flash with confidence. Don't get ahead of yourself Where pride comes into play.
I lie in bed awake at night Empty inside Wanting to grab onto something But not knowing what
I have crawled. I have explored. I have taken my first steps from my mother's arms to my father's, Hence taking my first steps toward my future.
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