Hopping Over Fences


United States
39° 14' 39.966" N, 84° 31' 57.7344" W

I see the ginormous fence in front of me.
It seems too big to overcome
Why can’t it just be a bit small,
A bit easier?

Then a little birdy flew over and said,
“Challenges are made to be hard,
They allow us to grow,
Become stronger, wiser, and tougher.”

I still see a giant fence before me,
But now, I know I must get over it.
But how?
How will I be able to overcome it?

Then a snake slithered up and said,
“Through God, all things are possible.
Believe, pray, and have faith,
And he will provide for you, young one.”

I know now I must trust in God,
I must believe God will help,
And I must pray to God.
I know through him all things are possible.


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