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I love you in the morning, with soft sunlight peeking through the curtains casting over your sleepy face; eyes dazed, smile slanted,
Once upon a time, a Princess was forced to stay high in a tower—nope, not original. Once upon a time, a Princess was cursed to an eternal slumber—already been done!
The queen did love red, and so red she wore. There was red in her kitchen, her bathroom, the floor.   She prized her red glasses she always kept close, for they made what she saw
He was most human in his final momentswhich proved to be his undoing.His last grasp at possible atonement,sins as thick as his blood spewing.  
Kingdoms shall fall
Turning around from the face of the commons, Dashing towards that figure of authority, Viewing the cries of the summons, Seeing the pleads of minority. My thoughts run towards that mighty being,
Once the was a queen Who had little girl She would make her mother green And on occasion hurl. The princess’ hair would twirl
There once was a Humpty, With the last name of Dumpty. Dressed in fine, red silk with a golden crown upon his head, He was the worst king who ever lead.
A wondrous place, you call your home, A beautiful kingdom, only you know; A place where forts become castles, And little girls can be queens; Where play clothes become ball gowns,
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