Rose Tinted Glasses

The queen did love red,

and so red she wore.

There was red in her kitchen,

her bathroom, the floor.


She prized her red glasses

she always kept close,

for they made what she saw

the same shade as the rose.


And going outside with her

red tinted specs,

she saw skies and people and 

other objects.


But with rose tinted glasses 

that's all that she saw.

She didn't know better,

didn't know at all.


The rose masked the anger,

the rose masked the blood.

The rose masked the deep red

horizon and mud.


She went on for days 

and ruled through the years,

oblivious to all the 

troubles and tears.


'Til one day a servant

who shall be unnamed,

got rid of those glasses

that's why he is famed.


She went with her day

a hysterical mess,

she tripped on her skirt and

spilled cake on her dress.


But one look outside

and she finally saw,

what she's been missing

and gone was the awe.


Famine and plague and 

war and loss.

There was total discord

abroad and across.


Convinced that it was all

her fault (since it was), 

she ruled with more 

compassion because


She realized the glasses had

blinded her eyes,

the horrors she saw 

were horrors disguised.


She spread out her riches

and gave up her things,

she sold all her gold and 

her watches and rings.


She brought forth prosperity,

money and wealth,

which soon lead to happiness

and to good health.


Her people were pleased

and their joy was wide-spread,

and the queen then decided

she hated rose red. 







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