A Reply From Annabel Lee

Many and many a year ago,

In a kingdom by the sea

Lines were written by my Poe

A poem just for me.

I need not worry, for I had the one,

And there was no greater love than we.


He said that we were children,

Children of that sea,

But my heart knew of a love larger than life,

“For forever,” I did plee,

But the angels of Heaven did dress in green,

And stole my corpse from he.


The darkest horse that Heaven knowed swooped down,

To our kingdom by the sea.

I was told “Come to a beautiful place,”

And I followed so blindly.

I followed and hoped that my Poe would be there.

But I was pushed to a new boundary.


This line did its divide,

As my body was taken from me,

And I could fly high, higher than the cloudy skies,

It was beautiful, but I wished to share it with he.

As I sored down, I stood in front of his eyes,

Alas, no, he could not see anything but the earthly.


His sorrow cut the depths of my heart,

Killing a new part inside of me,

I hoped and I wished that he would join,

And all of this sadness would be taken from he,

For he is never unhappy nor a tear in his eyes,

When his hand is clasped with that of his lady.


I felt his pain and wished that he would come,

But everywhere he said he saw my beauty.

That is what kept him going until one dark night

He was overcome by the compassionate sea,

The sea that wanted us reunited,

And he was brought back to the side of me, Annabel Lee.


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