A Little Girl's Kingdom


United States
31° 54' 23.9544" N, 102° 15' 58.4532" W

A wondrous place, you call your home,
A beautiful kingdom, only you know;
A place where forts become castles,
And little girls can be queens;
Where play clothes become ball gowns,
And deer play down by the stream;
A place where imagination runs rampant,
And all your problems disappear;
Where squirrels can be friends,
And all is not as it appears;
Where daydreams are spun like cobwebs,
And a wolf runs around like a pup;
But soon, this all begins to ebb,
For every little girl has to grow up;
Of that, you have always known,
As daydreams shatter in your hand;
You find the kingdom you thought your own,
Is nothing more than a simple piece of land;
The flowers don't bloom so bright,
And fairy tails no longer come true;
For now there seen through grown up eyes,
No longer the place you knew;
But somewhere in your heart,
Your kingdom will always remain;
Always there to beckon you back,
Time and again.


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