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life has taken THs of story  closer than water Beyond the idea of fire Round lurking yore of fore Swinging through treasures of hero
My story is a mirror of souls I have been daily  With divine ink duly set diurnally Each season with a taste of weather narrates spirally 
It's midnight and I can't sleep Again I'd like to think you're still here Still roaming down the hall searching for what you'd lost while you were breathing
There's nothing more depressing than pigeons in the park. Did you know that stars are most likely burnt out by the time we see their light? Your soft lips in the light of the exit sign,
I need my fucking space. I take my place in fucking Space Spacebound Spacewalking Spaced-out
Midnight When galaxies hang above me Like a mobile over a child's bed For me to stare   While dark matter dives past Pirouetting planets Meteors shatter, showering the sky
  I. The universe existed for more than billions of years. Planets came and left. Stars burst and lived.
  Do you think the moon cries for every star that dies? I wonder how her tears taste: if they’re hollow with memories, or heavy with loss.   Do you think the sun mourns for
Imagine making love amongst the stars with the Milky Way for our bed while the galaxy watch As the planets orbits around us our climax would be like that of a supernova creating our own constellation
Night Watch   Take me back to laying on the hood of the car Watching the stars Well wishing on stars, which turned out to be Mars Just forgetting who we are
Do me like my name is music Treat me like I am your music or muses to poetry yet to be created Though physically isolated and mentally shaken Still tethered and anchored  Patiently awaiting the weight lift
Oh beautiful, starry night;This is how I want to die.Wrapped up in thoughtUnaware (of what’s coming)
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
When I look to my fingertips, On writing, typing, seeing Sights in stories, the imagination, Of the yellowing pages of stories,
We are orbiting, you and I,
The Earth, The Planets, The Universe. awesome Stars. Galaxies. The fact it all exists beyond my bedroom window. awesome I look into The night sky and think, "awesome"
A far off dream , is like a scattered memory...
I am honestly a bit disappointed.
She shines so bright her smile the sweetest of ivories eyes that pierce the strongest of barriers
look up to the sky not  bird or a plane just the big blue sky and its nearing night some say the world is hidden without light but, you see, not just the stars come out at night
I watch as the bird flaps her wingsPropelling herself accross a distanceShe lands on a flower, delicate and whiteBreathing in the aroma, relishing the chanceThe dove, she flies around again
I am the dreamer of a million things  the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams  as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, very far awayI see your powerful glimmering greatness shining from the celestial sky.I long to reach and touch the spherical fire burning inside. -----
                                                                                I envy Gemini. I envy Orion. I envy Virgo.
The dance of time is a rite of eternity, dynamic and never ending. These unremitting bodies harmoniously cycle, solitarily dissenting their vested round.
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