Feeding Our Love Breadcrumbs

There's nothing more depressing than pigeons in the park.

Did you know that stars are most likely burnt out by the time we see their light?

Your soft lips in the light of the exit sign,

my wishes are traveling back in time.

Chasing the only meaningful melody,

your laugh echoes across the emptiness,

reverberating in my hollow chest,

and auditorium with a manic conductor.

Hello, heart, I thought you had died long ago.

We're driving on the open road,

your fingers tracing infinity on my thigh,

but what is that around your ankle?

My claim to you is hidden under your pant leg.

Did you ever think about the asteroid belt?

There used to be a planet there, you know.

But it got too close to its moon, and they collided.

They're totally gone.

We ran from the cops last night.

Are they the moon,

and we a plantet doomed to blow apart?

Dynamite pixi stix,

lie between my legs in the backseat as we set cruise control down a country road.

Hope we crash,

moving fast,

I know this can't last,

but I'm looking at these pigeons in the park andΒ 

thinking of you.

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This is really inspiring, I really enjoyed this piece.


Aww... thank you :)Β  I write for other people, so it makes me happy when I hear someone likes my things.Β Β 

Good vibes sent your way <3

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