Inside Minds of Planets

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life has taken THs of story 

closer than water

Beyond the idea of fire

Round lurking yore of fore

Swinging through treasures of hero

Time will come in, between 

Dreams will pile forms of visions 

Soft swing of hardball

Shining through 

spinning around dark perks 



Earls’ of feet caught breathing 

eves of care sailing on ticking curiosity

Knights of night reading signals 

Kings of everyday understanding 

of eight sure slippery measure

Queens of fun in the sun

Queer of the street from venus

Lands to tunnels mars built 

Lakes to universal store 

from Earth’s ladders


Pitching plus plaids to Jupiter 

The day is set, to stay

by Saturn's whisper 

Yearning arrival in nice textures of mercury 

In all the perfect places and faces Uranus

Passion and pun set in depth of dreams 

Sailing in loaded looms 

of Neptune’s spectrum 

Each second is a bloom mondas 

Soon life is full as the moon


lovers falling in love 

round as Asteris

Dancing in rays of the sun

In sharp sparkles of the stars

In ready rich eyes for glory and glow

Speaking partnership of yes and no

With all the meeting places of Charon 

Rest in matching months 

set in twos of planet xiv

Life would take every unusual given it usually. 



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