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I know that I am my home but I wanted YOU to be my home I laid the groundwork for my nest I collected the pebbles and bits of paper I gathered my hopes and my dreams and laid them at your feet
When I realized I was growing up There wasn’t just one instance for me First came the responsibility For I was given plenty  
I never knew what it was like to feel whole. There were always holes. And that big, 10 letter D-word Always hanging over me like a teetering sword. Waiting any moment to collapse into pieces,
Gabriell Lamour   Untouchable
Dear 2017, I dont hate you, As much as I wish I could. Dear 2017, You have taught me many lessons, Including how to make love, hate, despise and let go. Dear 2017, You brought me many joys,
Because I love you  I've somehow seemed to forget to love myself  Placed all devoted enery of being a better me To lie like an overlooked book on a crowded shelf 
When you start you've got questions What is the end you have in sight? Do you cling stubbornly to dreams or Watch them when they leave like birds, Free as the wind and vibrant and alive
When you're here it's never for long enough. I always forget the little things Like how amazing you are, how much you mean to me, and how you make me feel But also, How you're always late.  
As I grow up, each day at a time I start to notice all the things that chime The beauty in this world has always been there
Ashamed of things that aren’t shameful Embarrassing by things not embarrassing You feel my pain but then you don’t Challenging what I refuse No idea you’ve lit a fuse You wonder why I change so quickly
For once in my life the storm around me matches the storm raging in my soul. For once in my life the puzzle pieces fit perfectly.
It has taken mea very long timeto come to this point,but I’m realizing nowafter eighteen yearsof my lifethat it is okay to feel.I spent so many monthsof my life
My mother is the queen, For control is all that matters.   My father is the king, The foreseer of decisions.   Mother fends for her bishops, But they cannot save her children.  
lately my grandmother has been practicing her english with the phrase: no one should have to die with pain and suffering the pencil marks bow through the pages so earnestly
I use poetry to bring fort important discussions, I don't believe in limiting topics because I'm young, But for starters, I've lost friends, They're legal and I'm just a teen, Life seems frugal with a hint of mean,
Since my elementary days I had show and tell. A day dedicated to showing something you hold dearly and explaining its significance to you.A doll, a book, or maybe even a train that goes choo-chooThe objects were endless,
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