Truthful Unspoken Word


Excel, Tell, Retell and Don’t Sell

Expectation over Sensation

How could it be to hide in my Shell?

In my own Home

I rest my Bones

Though my eyes are not Mine to be Shown

We Measure the Pleasure it takes to open the Fissure

Impotent no Quotient to Divide the Rodent from its own Tent

Invent to the Extent Overlying Intensifying Intrinsic Intent

Stupefying Odd Extensive Forensic

Complicated Ostracization Implication Naturalized Vestigial Encephalon

Compel the Oculus

The Narcissistic Populous

Among the Roster, Imposters

Composing Imposing Material Nocturnal Venereal Experience

Specific Limit Intimate Infringement

Expulsion Repulsion

For a Final Indulgence

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