I know that I am my home

but I wanted YOU to be my home

I laid the groundwork for my nest

I collected the pebbles and bits of paper

I gathered my hopes and my dreams and laid them at your feet

I carved out a space between your arms

I made the foundation and never expected it to crumble 

I wet the paper with my saliva 

I rolled the bits into a paste

I spread the gooey mixture of feelings and love around the space of your heart

I set up camp and nailed down my posts 

I spared no expense and had no wavering faith

I made a home for myself, in you

I made another just like it, for YOU

I made a home for you inside me too

Brick and mortor aren't indestructable, so I guess my little hodgepodge of materials never stood a chance

I curved around your vital organs with great care

I squeezed and twisted into nooks I claimed for myself 

I made a home for myself inside of you,

but you didn't want any tenants

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