finding happiness

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Sometimes the happiest of eyes have shed the most tears Sometimes the kindest of smiles have known the most unhappiness sometimes the darkest nights come before the brightest mornings And sometimes...
Dear men in my life,   There is so much chaos running through my body Through my veins, Through my mind, Through my soul.  Where can I go To find true peace and happiness?   Love
Why do I think that I can't do things  How am I my own least biggest fan I used to think that I could do anything  I used to believe I could hold the world in my hand 
  A Year Ago   I stumbled over my feet   My gaze would drop   And my stance would shrink   I remember some nights I would cry myself to sleep  
I’ll never forget The day it all started. Driving home, I wasn’t excited to see you. I didn’t really miss you; Assuming it was nothing.   I’ll never forget The call to my best friend.
   When I had nothing,        I ate nothing.      I had told myself I lost everything,    so, that's what i had done.        I took my hands and pushed,      pushed away people, food.   
It’s watching the crystal water stretch out until it touches the clear sky in North Carolina,
I Am a Caged Bird Enclosed In Bars of Education Judged by Social Standards I Am Being Watched By The Eyes of Vultures I Speak of Flying But They Cover the Walls I Am Fighting
My life has it's ups. And downs. And it's starting to turn around.  
It's always there, yet hiding. It's scared to let you in. You search and you can't find it. Live life; it'll find you then.
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