Love of One, A multi-section Haiku


As I stand idle,

A figure approaches me,

Their ID not known.


Focusing on it,

Their body is revealed now,

A girl in deep blue.


Emotions not known,

They rise up from inside me,

Finding their way out.


Astounding Beauty,

Her figure communicates,

To myself alone.


The Question rises,

For what purpose are you here?

I get only smiles.



I must quell these emotions,

The question revealed.


Such grace standing here,

I must ask you this question,

Now rather than late.


Though we've just now met,

I feel as though you and I,

There is a spark here.


The feeling I have,

One foreign to me thus far,

It may not repeat.


I know who you are,

The one that is in my dreams,

The one I have lost.


Now shown before me,

This feeling may not come twice,

This feeling you give.


Accompany me,

You shall know true enjoyment,

This I will tell you.


Smooth words and soft tones,

A voice like none I've heard yet,

Her feelings are known.


Time passes and we,

The two of us together,

Know we found true love.


Lasting evermore,

We both know that we have found,

The true love of one.

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