Life Is Meant to Be Lived

It’s watching the crystal water stretch out until it touches the clear sky in North Carolina,

It’s seeing the moon reflect off of ripples of waves while camping in New Hampshire,

It’s losing your breath at the sight of the Earth’s bountiful curves from the top of a mountain,

The beauty that you must venture out to see makes me feel good.


Gathering around a over-decorated table with food galore on holidays with family,

Losing track of the night until it's morning because you are too in love with you friends,

Making memories and creating unbreakable bonds on vacation with your siblings,

The people who you value more than anything is make me feel good.


Seeing my shepherd grow in front of my eyes as she prances through the grass,

Feeling my cat laying himself out next to me in bed,

Watching my mother walk down the aisle and feeling nothing but utter joy,

The memories I will never forget make me feel good.


Driving down a country road and seeing the freshly fallen leaves dance in the wind during fall,

Letting time slip away as you spin around in the pouring rain,

Not having a stress in the world,

The little things we often overlook make me feel good.


Overcoming hardships and finding strengths you never knew you had,

Realizing the worst times in your life teach you the most valuable lessons,

Discovering that you have the ability and courage inside of you to accomplish anything,

The rising from whatever happens in life makes me feel good.


I feel good when I do things I never imagined,

Like finding new experiences I never expected,

This journey I am on makes me feel good,

Life, though erratic and unexpected, makes me

Feel good.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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