Bearing Fruit


A Year Ago


I stumbled over my feet


My gaze would drop


And my stance would shrink


I remember some nights I would cry myself to sleep


The stress I felt and the feeling of never being enough


I felt stupid and dumb, uncreative and unworthy


But to make matters worst


The well of happiness in which I would always seek


Was suddenly poisoned


I remember I cried and cried


Drip drop drip


The sound of my tears pounding like rain


Then I remember


Each life is worthy of happiness


And happiness could be found within oneself


Soon senior year started


And I was looking at life with a new perspective


A new goal a new life to start with!


The simple life of grays and blues


Filled with sweet pinks and lilacs


I played sports with a new drive


And suddenly I joined the world of pretend


My name was not only Andrea anymore


But also Molly

and different identities


Relationships bloomed and my motivation soared


Who knew that cutting down weeds from a vine,


Could bear more fruit?


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