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from being utterly unconscious about what she is doing, to being highly responsive to her mind a soul completely astrayed, out of dumbness
i know my story is to be told, but will i be the one to tell the tale, or will my shadow be the one to stand in the way?
All of Earth's mothers are Earth and are Earth as seed.       The rest of us are Earth flowers and Earth evolving.  
Every night a little girl faces a different battle. She's questioning her worth and what her family would do without her; Contemplates to run away but her spirit tells her to stay;
I took my head from off the glass, My nose plastered at an unatural point, I take a deep breath and swallow, The ice crystals forming on my eyelashes.   I keep my head up, and after class,
Does it not hurt to think about the digressions this world goes through? To know that people descend and ascend everyday, and how it could've been you?
We think we are grand, do we not? So did those bygone species I’m sure. The colossal and the modest alike, for which time inevitably granted an end. 
I am a caricature of a whisper My breath tries and fails to stand on its’ own Not daring to speak my truth The only escape through the pages I am named for
Darling of Evolution by Vir Singh   Evolution has been On its journey For billions of years; It was destined to come out With its climax creation. And, ultimately,
Right to left, left to rightwe are safe, in the dark of night.With the moon beaming on our pale skin, oh so brightdon't suck my soul out, scream with all our might.Listen to the slow vibrations, the tiny sleeping bees
it was winter when we met   and summer when you left   maybe there’s some irony in that,   but i haven’t found it yet.   as soon as our eyes met,  
Soaking in to my old skin beginning to spew my unslumber back, To evolve what I call me, Its a natural world I wish I can see, using my ancient eyes That are now used for outworldly literacy. I now inhale knowledge,
every second before this point is now apart of the change every exprience before this point creates every lesson apart of my change every person i've spoken to has encourage a change
Darkness, All consuming, Drowning, thrashing, struggling, To break through, to rise up, But falling once again. So much darkness, pulling me under, controlling my thoughts, my actions.
You’ve changed.That’s what they keep telling me. You’ve… changed. Of course,you’re right.I’m not thevulnerable,young girlI used to be.
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
wanting to have true friends but none are true enough to be one wanting to get in love and to be loved but gifted with none of the above  
I am 14  Everything is new, and optimism is endless.  The sun is brighter, boys are nicer, my first days of high school I am 15  School is routine, mostly a burden to my social life. 
Further down the rabbit hole,into myself into my soul,knowing myself seeing the others,embracing the fact they are me, we are brotherswe've been hurt by our fathers,
The mirror highlights the differences From the polaroid on the wall Of a man undriven, sad but unwilling Enslaved to his own weakness   Sharp words and cruel tongues Ignited the crucible long overdue
***FLAWLESS BEING*** By Paul J. Pinkett
In the truth that is the existence of the world, We are the instigators of change; Of the Future. As we march forward into this new age, we are evolving into gods. The gods that we had once worshipped.
To the day I die I will search for it My soul screams for it, it is in pain What is the purpuse in my life? I don't belive in JUST a life, there must be more to it than pleasures and sorrow
A world once of simplicity Has fallen into a mystery From chaos and destruction Humanity could only blossom
If I could I would Fill the empty place in hearts To move on in life
When I hear music, I head record players and old cassettes. I hear Meet The Beatles! humming softly in the background.
Color’d Shadows They hate us They love us We were created by them, society   If we talk to them, they’ll hate us If we help them, they’ll hate us
Evolution A simple concept really, but in reality it is hard as a rock, but not rock solid.
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