Darling of Evolution

Darling of Evolution

by Vir Singh


Evolution has been

On its journey

For billions of years;

It was destined to come out

With its climax creation.

And, ultimately,

You are in its lap –

Superb of the Evolution!

It’s not just coincidence,

It’s not just a mutation,

It’s not all of a sudden,

It’s not spontaneous.

You’d to be there

On Earth

For, Evolution had wished

To see someone

Altogether different, altogether special,

Altogether unique, never-before-imagined.

That’s you,

Darling of Evolution.

Presenting you to the Life,

Evolution has come to a halt;

It can’t create now

A life form more beautiful than you.

You’re Evolution’s climax beauty;

There can’t be a greater pride for it now.

You’re the darling of Evolution.

This poem is about: 
My family


Puffing Pachyderm

Took a delightfully unexpected turn

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