I am 62

I am 14 

Everything is new, and optimism is endless. 

The sun is brighter, boys are nicer, my first days of high school

I am 15 

School is routine, mostly a burden to my social life. 

Parties are fun, homework is not. My sophomore year 


I am 16 

Everyone is talking about college, my GPA is mediocre.

Depressed, anxious, lost 

I am 16 

This isn't who I want to be, what am I doing? 

My friends are not friends, the boys are not kind, I want better for myself 


I am 16 

My self driven sadness is fueled by my past, and my inability to grasp my dream future. 

Self reflection, alienation, change 


I am 16 

Working harder than ever to pursue my true passions, the ones neglected by the social butterfly. 

I do all of my work, my dreams acting as my muse, I am picking up the pieces 

I am 17 

It is my first year on honor roll, and I love studying. 

I got accepted into a fantastic university, I am going to study my passion, my dream future is in my hands, fully obtainable 


I will be 18 

I'll be getting ready for college and everything will be new. Optimism will be endless, 

But I will not be detoured from my path, for I know what it's like to be 14. 

I will be 18 

And parties will be fun, but they will not what make me happy anymore, for I know what it's like to be 15. 

I will be 18 

School will be hard, and I might get anxious, But I will get through it, for I know what it's like to be 16. 

I will be 18 

I'll still value my education, and I will be dedicated to my success for I know what it's like to be 17. 

I will be 18 

And I'll be strong, for I am not bound by my past.


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