Towards Time

Soaking in to my old skin beginning to spew my unslumber back,

To evolve what I call me,

Its a natural world I wish I can see, using my ancient eyes

That are now used for outworldly literacy.

I now inhale knowledge,

The thing my people are to afraid to be fond of 

The very reason why our country is hold capitive,

In depression I use the pages to cut my caramel pigment

to leak out the blood of Ignorance,

In hope that change will begin with common sense,

"Yes we can" and yes we did,

Now its going back to "We can't and We won't".

Rest in peace 2017 before it was even born.

Because on the 20th the Orange man is going to have families torn.

- Iante 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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