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9/14/2018 This day will forever be in my memory It wasn’t very long before I began my life in recovery The night before I came to this place
We sit around in circles telling stories of the past. Some of war, some of love, some of loss, some of laughs. We sit around in circles smoking cigarettes till they’re butts. Clutching to our memories
I don't need your helpGet your hands off meI won't call your health hotlineJust give me my restEveryone is in my faceWhat do you want me to say?Go to a homeWhere they'll take care of me
Perfectly Imperfect we are all here for the same reason we all need help we must adapt and overcome to the hand we were dealt we come from all walks of life some good some bad
Dragging hearts, Falling feats, Fading art, Slowing beats, THEN Gaining vigor Moving on, Growing rigor, Finding dawn.
Sitting here daydreamingAll the time my brain is…Scheming, scheming, scheming. Even given all I knowMy brain just wantsAnother go, another go Consequences do not deter me now It won't hurt, here's how Nothing can stop this trainMy addled alcoholic
A Cadet in college takes another sipalong with his brothers so why would he quit?Sitting on a bean bag having the time of his lifehe'd drink away his problems and wouldn't think twice.
My life was changed last summer At a place called Turn-About Ranch Some would call it a bummer But for me, it was a second chance   I arrived scared, lonely, and torn I was sick and tired of trying
we never realize how quickly everything can change  we can think we have it all and its taken away in the blink of an eye   volleyball  kept my world together i jumped up
They tell me I'm an addict, They tell me I have a problem. I have no problem! I don't need to be here! I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! They're trying to get me to open up,
Getting away, Getting happy, Getting social, Being yourself, Expressing yourself, Keep it secret, Only I deserve to be high, No one else understands. It feels so great!
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
When you reach rock bottom There's not much that can help The drugs are never enough You've reached a personal hell That's how I was And I've got a story to tell About my journey to the demon
I'm breathing in And I'm already addicted again  Your love is a drug   I inhaled  But now I'm breathing, Hard off of your love    People notice the past me again 
In this hospital bed Poison seeps into my veins.
Speaking. Laughing. Whispering.  We soon take for granted what comes naturally for us. What's that? A Stroke? Diagnosis of Parkinsons?
  There’s a sinister beauty about this place Chaos lives in the cracks of the mirrors It is here where my soul meets its fate And my savior is found in my fears              
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