The Beginning

Getting away,

Getting happy,

Getting social,

Being yourself,

Expressing yourself,

Keep it secret,

Only I deserve to be high,

No one else understands.

It feels so great!

Gotta get more,

Gotta get higher,

Gotta be speechless.

Spending my money,

Spending parent's money,

Sprending friend's,



All to feed my habit,

To keep me up.

It's not enough,

It goes from ten to a'hundred

Just to get high,

Just a few minutes.

Find myself somewhere,

The wrong place to go,

The red-white-blue,

I'm feeling the floor.

I'm forced to be here,

To be in this group?

This place is so strange,

I'm just so angry.

They don't understand,

They haven't done what I've done.

They don't feel the guilt I feel,

The reasons I got high,

The reasons I need it.

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