That's the Plan

They tell me I'm an addict,

They tell me I have a problem.

I have no problem!

I don't need to be here!

I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

They're trying to get me to open up,

Trying to test me sayin';

I'm too afraid,

I'm too bottled up.

I'm a disaster,

I'm mentally unstable.

They're trying to push my buttons,

They're trying to make me explode.

They keep trying, they'll see a side of me

That I keep hidden.

They say I need to let go,

To forgive myself,

To forgive others.

I need to say sorry,

I need to change.

I don't need to do shit!

All I need  to do is sit

And pee in a cup.

Stay clean.

That's it.

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