I've inhaled too much

I'm breathing in

And I'm already addicted again 

Your love is a drug


I inhaled 

But now I'm breathing,

Hard off of your love 


People notice the past me again 

They know i've been smoking again 


I'm smoking your love


I just wanted that feeling again 

That high I get, when I see you 

I'm on Cloud 9 everytime 

I'm high on your love

And I can't get down 


Smoking love 

I've inhaled too much...

.... again 



Note: This poem i've written reminds me of a crush from the past. I knew he wasn't good for me. But I went back to him, just to catch up on life. And I got that "high" feeling again...  inhaled too much in our short conversation we had.  Its like catching feeling all over again, ugh! especially when you've finally gotten over the person. But yet a little conversation can make you say "I've inhaled to much of your love, personality, looks, feelings" 



i had the same thing with this other guy..


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