When you reach rock bottom

There's not much that can help

The drugs are never enough

You've reached a personal hell

That's how I was

And I've got a story to tell

About my journey to the demon

And the soul that I would sell


My best friend passed away

Known him for 15 years

I have reached a true depression

I broke down in tears

A man came to me

He said he could help

He handed me a bag of white

Said it would make me well

Line after line

The more involved I got

I ran out of money

And addiction shot

But the white only made

This depression worse

The addiction brought me down

It felt like a curse

I have reached such a low

The drugs weren't enough

Not even the feeling

Of that beautiful rush

Could help me feel better

Nothing could pick me up

And as I held the knife

I felt I had enough

My parents walked in

As I began to slit my wrist

My girlfriend showed up

And gave me a gentle kiss

They told me how much they loved me

They said it was time to go

They sent me to rehab

To get me over the blow


Rehab does help!!! If you are having trouble with drug addiction, there are people that are there for you.  No matter what, someone does love you!!!

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