Perfectly Broken

Perfectly Imperfect

we are all here for the same reason we all need help

we must adapt and overcome to the hand we were dealt

we come from all walks of life some good some bad

we now know how to be a better friend Mom and Dad

we are born perfectly broken is a phrase that most one understand

we are not like most people I mean take a look at your hand

if one sentence you take from this poem and use

you can say it to yourself when you have a case of the Blues

to this boring world where all non-adaptive

doesn't matter who you are what you are is attractive

now that we are clean we can think real clear

always remember true laughter contains no fear

so spread your wings and fly fly away up into the sky

look into the eyes of your loved ones your purpose for living..... that's why

This poem is about: 
Our world


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