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How to describe it The I love yous The kisses The cuddles To hold and be held To love and be loved Sure there's fights But nothing is perfect Words cannot be found I choose one
The way he touched me, Internally caressed, I could feel the chemistry, From the bottom of my feet, Infinitely on my breast, Respect. Is all he gave while stroking my thigh,
Let this moment last forever, To die in your arms is to rest in peace. Gently kiss my pulse forever, A shudder of the love you give to me. Every touch you press against me,  I return to you with lust.
To the person I will share my first kiss with:   When I have my first kiss, I hope it’s gentle and passionate all at once.
do you remember, when your lips softly brushed mine, and my heart was a bird escaping it's cage, and my soul had wings bursting from my back, because you smelt like cocoa butter and tasted like strawberries,
I miss you,And by you, I mean that feelingThat feeling that once consumed my whole existenceYou made me feel whole,And brought me kisses down my backHugs that were so good I didn’t want to let go
Shifting Lifting Kiss-ing Hands hands hands Endless Endlessly Hold and Let-go Breathe in and out
Give me one more poison kiss, the damge is already done Surely one more posion kiss, won't rend your life undone once again a poison kiss,
What is it like to kiss?A moment of pure bliss,Of joy and ecstasyThat turns realityInto scattering starsAs you fall in his arms.  
  We passed the field by my house, Where you used to say sorry; Words never held meaning for you Without smoke kissing lips.   I never should have. I waited too long didn't I honey?
It will be gone b
I gave you a fantastic kiss And it didn't miss It was heavenly bliss!
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
as the stars shine out my window i can only think of the glimmer in his eyes when we kissed for the first time, before they became dry and as the cold wind freezes me to the bones gives me chills to the bones
I'm addicted to the feeling The animalistic violence Biting lips and sparring tongue's Fighting for dominance Gasping between hurried kisses Living in the moment Forgetting that time is passing
When we’re kissing, don’t worry about your chapped lips.
There's just something about kissing in the cold At night, of course. This would never get old. Like when you're outside saying goodbye, And he pulls you in close so your bodies collide.
Sometimes it rains Somtimes babe, it downpours  Will you still kiss me?  
When you kiss me, I scream intoyour mouth as hard as I canso every time you puffa cigarette, youmight think of me.
Kisses are like fear and confusion and lust curiosity expressed in an awkward
he tells me to trust him... he holds me so close... frighteningly close... i am shaking  he insists it was the drinks but as he wraps his arms around my waist
When you had your first kiss Did you expect it to be everything you heard about Were the lips chapped and dried with blood satisfying against the virgin skin Did the cold shaking hand holding you face
Kiss me hard before you goAnd tell me how you feelKiss me hard before you go
((random works simply because i missed writing.)) 
Our love was perfect tonight. It sparkled, danced radiantly, so right. The eyes that saw our treasured bond knew we were sincere and fond. You took my hand and didn't let go,
Want By: Kamaria Campbell   Big, beautiful, warm, and wet from his tongue Slowly gliding along the surface leaving behind a trail of saliva
I want to be kissed! But not just kissed... I want to be kissed because I’m me! Not just because I’m some girl. I don’t want to have to think And think and think and rethink
“You smell like cigarettes”, she said.   “That’s because I smoke”, he said.  
I should ink my skin with your name as a permanent reminder of the places you've kissed our bodies melted together a clay sculpture two beings one body molded together
Lean in slow for a mind-blowing kiss Feel the love and taste the bliss Burning with passion, building higher Filled with satisfaction, exploding desire Wanting you more, oozing elation
In a depression recession tribulation Me & her hurting for money And we kissing through It Watching money watch online She said do you think We will survive I say baby it's up to god
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