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Epiphany I wasn’t sure if it was there But it was Way down in the pit of me Lives my epiphany
Give me love, or give me time. Give me a song yet sung Let my heart feel your the one. Dont shatter my earrnings into pieces. I am not your piggy bank. Don't let what I offer go to waste
A winter's day On a snowy and freezing evening I am alone Sitting in a room full of warm bodies Surrounded by laughter and chatter
This night was unkind to me so i woke up and said “What’s Up’’.-Giving questions, know the answers.Said, the voice behind my backOkay, perhaps I was thinking about someone I can’t hug-I’m not the reason of your insomnia, I’m here for bringing new
Knowing what I know now, I wish I could start over I hope this does not carryover  This stress is slowly killing me It's only a matter till I'm finally free   High school is not all football and dance
Can you hear that? It's music in the air People are dancing without a care You can dance solo or in a pair 
Sleep to the sound of the music telling you your okay Break the barrier of tears, you've been holding in all day Smile at the sunrise coming up over the hill Punch the person in the face, who tells you to "fucking chill" 
I love how simply complex life is. I love how when I walk outside, I am engulfed by the presence of the Being greater than I. I love how I'm inundated by life itself as it rushes towards me in every which way.
Why do people smile? For money, love, or candy? A new purse or greed? What can we want this time?   Why do people say hello? To greet, welcome, or please? Business or pleasure?
It’s The Little Things   Lots of little things can crack little smiles   For certain folks it’s the runner’s high after a few miles   Maybe it’s sitting on your porch watching the crazy bastard run by
From the age of zero, starting at birth, where have you been? Did I do something wrong? Do I deserve the Hell and confusion I've been put through? I longed for the love of those whose blood is running through my veins.
                                         It's easier to be myself in a room full of masquerades.
Emotion. The one true feeling that seperates us from them.
Looking out at the crowd,  Realizing this life is yours. Living and breathing what you love It's what you worked for  all the dedication and time But now is your time to shine
“Terrorist!” he yells, as the young Muslim woman passes.   9/11 “All I needed to learn about Islam, I discovered on 9/11.”   Islam
Leafs leave in the winter and return in the spring. Like how the elderly pass and babies are born. we laugh, live, and learn. boys and girls play, clothes are torn. Then we feel a lovers burn
My head and heart screamin' out your name, It's been so long since they deemed me sane. The middle of the night, I'm in this dream, I want so much to see you standing beside me.
Life. It's a journey. Journey. It's made worthwhile by love. Love. It began with a friendship. Friendship. It's a strong bond. Bond. Time together that you enjoy. Enjoy.
Heads are turning on an axis As they’re dancing lightning flashes Round and round their spirits go, Rain drops falling on their noses.   Wishing it would never end Thunder crashing out again,
Time goes by quickly Responsibilities grow Enjoy while you can
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