“ A Friend of Mine’’

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 12:48 -- tumdash

This night was unkind to me so i woke up and said “What’s Up’’.-Giving questions, know the answers.Said, the voice behind my backOkay, perhaps I was thinking about someone I can’t hug-I’m not the reason of your insomnia, I’m here for bringing new beginning-Don’t analyze, I’m not a killa-I’m just a color-My name is dark-Those who wants mystery, they falls into my shadows-I’m a choice, they made while being werewolfs-Tell me, are you appreciate the night?Yes-Then why, your dreams are darker than my color-I envy sun, there you are less fragileWhat about passion, love?-You really think it can be sincere, when you choose for it my shadowWhat about stars, the moon?-They shine, but not for me and the moon is a perfect jester-Where all the ghosts are the leaders of the carnival of rust-If you want I can buy you a ticket, it’s never too late-A circus is still workingSo what’s the deal?-The real purpose of the nightAnd what is that-As soon as you get it, you’re sleep will be alright

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