Great is the Simple and Complex

I love how simply complex life is.

I love how when I walk outside, I am engulfed by the presence of the Being greater than I.

I love how I'm inundated by life itself as it rushes towards me in every which way.

I love how I have freedom to struggle on moral dilemmas with One who is good.

I am jubilant to be a significant, intended creation with purpose upon a hopeless sphere.

I am completely joyous that I can help my sister in the early morning with her homework.

I love that I can open a door with a door knob that works properly nearly everytime I use it.

I love how 1 minute late to the bus means an hour and a half late to work.

I love how small we are in these world, yet one person can change the course of history.

Let me not deviate from detest. There are many things that I dislike dearly with all of my heart.

However, with the way the universal system work, neither I nor anyone else can control the revolution of the universe.

Why not make the most of it all?!

I love how I'm not in control of the entirety of my life.

Oh how I love how simply complex life is.

Don't you agree?!


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