Give me love, or give me time.

Give me a song yet sung

Let my heart feel your the one.

Dont shatter my earrnings into pieces.

I am not your piggy bank.

Don't let what I offer go to waste

I'm giving you a safe place

To love me. To want me.

Not throw me aganist the wall like a telephone.

I am more delicate.

I should be appericated.

I am not a monster.

I am not your story to tell.

I am not a myth to your friends ears.

I am more delicate.

Don't fear me for the energy I give

Don't fear me for the information I bring

Don't fear me because of what I leave hanging

I am the thing that was brought to the table.

I am the one who sits at the head of it.

I am your mothers dreams and your fathers worst nightmare.

I have my own, you dont just have me

We have each other.

Because I am more delicate than all this.

Give me a sonnet yet spoken.

Give me your love unbroken.

Don't treat me like a squashed sunflower.

Because I may be more delicate

But I do the same to you.

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This is a poem I wrote i five minutes because im getting dry texted and I DONT LIKE ITT

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