Parental Ghosts

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 14:43 -- Glojo93


From the age of zero, starting at birth, where have you been? Did I do something wrong? Do I deserve the Hell and confusion I've been put through? I longed for the love of those whose blood is running through my veins. Longing to say the word "father", longing to say the word "mother". When those words come off my tongue, it's a foreign sensation. What's that? What does that even mean? What does one look like? If you ask me, I probably couldn't tell you. Give me some answers. Tell me something. Fill this hole in my heart where your parents are supposed to go. Do something. Don't leave me standing here all alone out in the cold. I am your pure reflection. Look into my eyes, don't you see you? How could you give that up? We can't change the past but why the hell won't you help me change the future? I want to see you in the stands when I graduate so i can be proud to say my parents showed up, my life long dream, something for you to be proud of. When we're running out of time, you're standing still letting time pass you by. You're standing there like you're frozen in time! If someone were to hurt your baby girl, would you care? Go out of your way to make sure I'm okay? I go astray because I fell off track and had no direction. The one I called my Mom, died before I could ask for help with this thing called life. You're supposed to be there but you're more like a ghost. I don't even know you. I know your name and that's about it. Why should I have to ask other people about MY parents? Who do I look like more? Who do I act like more? Something about my background? Something about yours? Hello! Can you hear me? When I stand in front of you, you act like everything is okay. Reality check, it's not. Pain, confusion, anger, happiness,joy, and sadness. I could go from one of those to the next and not know why. Why can't you step up? It's never too late. From the age of zero, the day it all started, where have you been?


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