All inequalities: gay rights

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Inspire to be or not to be. Inspire to be better, Better for yourself, Better for your family, Better for your next encounter. Inspiration must be your mindset.
Eternal love,  far greater than eternal glory. Their love, burns brighter than any story. Two soldiers in war, brothers in arms in the light, lovers at night. Hidden love, Forbidden love,
you wake up every day wondering why you woke up. why your mother loves you even though you use her money. why your dad is still there.
Why should I stay here? why do you suddenly care? any other time I'm not good enough any other time I'm ready to go I've been ready to go for far too long but now you suddenly love me?
Dillion White  
I am brown and bi and everyone seems to know who I am. When I'm brown I'm a thug. When I'm brown I like chile. When I'm brown I speak Spanish.
With lies I make myself   family deceived friends forsaken What lie is worthy of you all? What contempt as demanding
Dear Mom,
Say, can you seethat the world is dyingWhat so proudly we hailedas Manifest Destiny  Was Genocideat least that's where it began. 
We are America... the land of the free, the home of the brave, yet we stll have many crises pertaining to inequality, poverty, Geneaolgy, social class, economic wealth and generosity.
  Over the screams of homosexuality, of Islam.  The hope of immigrants, victims. Over the screams of gender equality Enraged women, men, Freedom without persecution, is ideal,
Faggot Thats what they call me It's my new name For loving who I love I am insulted For being who I am society will not accept me   Faggot The word describes me I melt into 
I only need me. Those were my old thoughts but I, hear my music now.
We enter with love We leave with love We know only the word Not the feeling We love with our words Not our heart You ask, "What can I not live without" I can't live without "Love." Agápi
               "Final thoughts"  With the my hours reaching their lastI prepare to end this life with a blastNot a blast in which refers toA joyous afternoon in the park with my familyMore in reference towardsTaking a 9mm straight to my cranium an
What to change  or what to do. Why can't their be anyone in this world uniquely like you? Changing inequality isn't possible but why should it be? I'm glad that we're not all equal.
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