The World is a Cruel Place

Wed, 02/05/2014 - 18:11 -- bsw5162


What to change 

or what to do.

Why can't their be anyone

in this world uniquely like you?

Changing inequality isn't possible

but why should it be?

I'm glad that we're not all equal.

Imagine.  There would be no you 

and there would be no me.

There's just one thing to change

and that is change itself.

Change is a word use to 

describe something

becoming something different.

I don't want to change 

and neither should you.

So, I do want to make a change.

A change to the way the world change is used.

I wanna use the word 

change to mean simply the coins

left in my pocket.

I don't wanna change me and 

I don't wanna change you and 

I don't want you to wanna change you.

Please, just be you.


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