Final Thoughts

               "Final thoughts"  With the my hours reaching their lastI prepare to end this life with a blastNot a blast in which refers toA joyous afternoon in the park with my familyMore in reference towardsTaking a 9mm straight to my cranium and discharge all things in my lifeTaking my existence out of everyone's frame of thoughtDespite all the times I've triedI've tried to make others happyI've tried to please everyoneI've tried to change butI've come to the end of the roadI've come to a resolution in the problemI've come to a halt in this fairytaleAs I stand on the brink of sanityThe edge of this roofAnd the brim of this mad worlds top hatI put one foot outInhaleHeart beat slowsTime stopsSpace has no flowGravity can't hold meAs I plummet with a life going so slowlyAs I recapture a recollection of memoriesA silent weep crawls from my soul and out of my body once moreOne more second untilUntil my past in finishedMy present is interruptedAnd my future untold and yet to be writtenNo one could've foreseen my upcoming like I saw itAnd as I finish my thoughtsI, I broadcast my visage into the concreteNo one notices for which my existence is swept clean from everyone's memoriesI sink into my chambers in the afterlife and await the Pale DeathAs it takes away my soul and puts me to rest for I have failed my test

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