Brown and Bisexual

I am brown and bi and everyone seems to know who I am.

When I'm brown I'm a thug. When I'm brown I like chile. When I'm brown I speak Spanish.

When I'm brown I have low grades. When I'm brown I am Catholic. When I'm brown I am uneducated to vote

When I am latino I am called "criminal" and "unamerican" by a white couple wearing matching red hats.

I don't retaliate against these generalizations but it will always be under my skin; how some people put me in a box and ship me out accross the border.

When I am Bi I have a high voice. When I'm bi I'm associated with a flying rainbow. When I'm Bi I know a person is bi too when I see them.

When I'm Bi I live a queer lifestyle full of colors and revealing clothing. When I'm Bi I'm going through a phase I know nothing better about.

When I'm a bisexual my tradition family looks at me with annoyance and shoves me in a closet that I never want to come out of. 

I don't know who made these generalizations for my ethnicity but I hate them.

I don't know who made these claims about my sexuality but I damn them.

I am brown and bi. And when I am brown and Bi I have a passion for classical guitar.

I'm brown and bi and I am taking college courses in math. I'm brown and Bi and I don't like chile that much.

No matter how long I am packed into a category of people, I cannot say I will continue to be silent for much longer. 

I will leave the box I am packed in. I will open the door of the closet I am trapped in and never return in spite of the inane generalizations my people face every day.

I am brown. I am Bi.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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