Inspire to be or Not to be

Inspire to be or not to be.

Inspire to be better,

Better for yourself,

Better for your family,

Better for your next encounter.

Inspiration must be your mindset.

Within your eyes you must see it through.

Within your feet you must take actions.

Cease to be afraid.

Storms will come.

Storms will also pass over.

No matter what you do have the courage to be the greatest as well as inspire the next,

Inspire them to be the best version of themselves

By leading as the example,


Be the person to express true passion,

Values, and ethics.

For these make you virtuous.

Be Change that we need Today.

As we have come yet another year,


The world has its tendency to change skins,

But our humane routines stay the same.

When you know better,

You do better,

So why not inspire to be the greatest?

The greatest individual at heart,

Greatest at work or even community.

Be a person that is not a great person

but a person that does great things.

Be known for kind acts

As the smallest acts,

Inspire the greatest individuals.


Joaquin Bellamy

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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