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There was a long time. Growing up that I didn’t know any better. I sinned against man, and God. No one explained me the difference between right and wrong. So, I kept on sinning.
There was a long time. Growing up that I didn’t know any better. I sinned against man, and God. No one explained me the difference between right and wrong. So, I kept on sinning.
three houses, one hotel, and it seemed every guy on my street still conversed at the corner. there's always an element to hide; some grams of H' to the breast pocket, weed and some ganja. Green;
Today my life surrendered Before Thy feet I lay A willing, living offering I now to Thee convey - And in Thy hands, Thy bidding To do without delay. Please take this life to mold it
Sometime I realize there's nothing left to say When someone that you love says it's time to walk away and Sometimes I know that there's nothing left to do But pray these words come the way they always used to do
  A hand desperately craved twisting and stretching pulling my strings   Now, in this new land To sense I’m enslaved
  When darkness clouds in, my faith is deterred, Fog and despair surround me, my vision blurred, Turning to and fro, finding nothing in the night,
I surrender. I am a winner. I have won Your love. I have won Your approval. I surrender myself to You. I am a writer because You made me a writer, I write for You.
I am held by a piece of string hung in the dark
(Prayer Poem)
No one hears you crying when you're suffering in silence, Covering your mouth, doing all you can to hide it. I know you're not going to last long, trying so hard to fight it. You ask me how I know?
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
One night, I fell ill I grabbed the scissors And swallowed all the pills I cut my chest and held my heart God did not bless My work of art As it beat was still alive A bite so sweet
I say   Knowledge is key  
Deep darkness held onto the fragile heart she carried within her chest- unspent tears in her eyes a mind that would never stop but a brain that had died.  The slow beating of a broken soul
breathe. in...out... in...out... the calm rhythm of my day undistrubed.   trigger. sharply inhale.  remember.  "no..." push it aside... "focus."
Who will have compassion for those who swallow other's pain Who will comfort those who are always comforting others Who will support the strong when the strong is busy holding others up
If I can't close my eyes and imagine the endless metaphors  there is no need for these eyes of mine If I can't sway to the flows and effortless quotes that glide from mouths
  I was born into this life,               flew into the earth  head held high,                  clenched fist raised to the sky      I’d heard all the rumors,  of warfare and hate 
I was immortal, It was not the horse that ran, But me lending his legs my strength. The world was opened up And I could see right into  All my friend was trying to share with me. We'd ride long and far
My body and soul detached from the spine that weaves them sinks and floats, respectively, with no direction.
Mouths slightly open like pitchers holding whatever happens to be on our tongues waiting for words to cool to room temperature as to not shatter the glass we pour them into.
I am from surrender From obeying every order A tarnished childhood That ended much too soon
My head lowers in a state of surrender I allowed my hands to be bound in striking neon caution tape Oh how easily I mouthed never
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